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About Us

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Our Story

Seventeen years ago, Patchouli Garden was born from little else but a lifelong dream. It was November 20, 2000, and I had very little money, zero retail experience, and no credit. It took all the courage I had to follow through with it.

I put in many long hours in those early years — hard work, to be sure, but it was absolutely a labor of love. And just like anything, it took time to grow, but it soon evolved into a favorite hangout for an eclectic group of locals. From that, friendships took shape, and Patchouli Garden began to cultivate its roots in the community. As that sense of camaraderie grew, so did the business.

Thankfully, before I burned myself out working, many industrious employees played their parts over the years in making the business a success. Today Jackie, Patti, and Linda round out the Patchouli Garden family — each one with her own talents, ideas, passions, and knowledge that we combine to create a wonderful experience for our customers. We share in the decision-making, and I refuse to call myself the boss. In the same way, they are more than just employees or coworkers, as we genuinely care for one another and truly have become like a family. And you can still find us week-in and week-out here at our little brick-and-mortar store, though times have changed a bit. We created our website in 2002, and while the online business doesn’t allow as much face-to-face interaction, we still strive to offer you the same type of service as if you walked through our doors.

But while our dynamic changed a bit with the times, our principles never wavered. There is a sign in our store that reads, “At Patchouli Garden Inc. people are more than profit… so expect to be treated as a friend.” It’s hung there since the beginning, because we have always believed in putting the customer first, and today we hold fast to that belief.

I am so grateful to all the amazing customers and friends that I've met throughout this journey. I very humbly thank you for making this small business our success.

With sincere thanks,

Lynda, Jackie, Patti & Linda

If you're in Northern Wisconsin, please visit us at Patchouli Garden in downtown Park Falls. We'd enjoy meeting you!

Patchouli Garden, Inc.
180 Third Ave. South
Park Falls, WI 54552

Open Monday thru Friday
from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm CST
CLOSED Saturday and Sunday